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Wirt Library-2nd Floor

500 Center Ave.

Bay City, Michigan


Library Hours

Sun.             1:00pm-5:00pm

Mon.-Thu. 10:00am-8:00pm

Fri.-Sat.       9:00am-5:00pm

BCGS Volunteer Hours

Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat 1:00pm-4:00pm

What is in the Genealogy Room


4 Microfilm machines

4 Computers for genealogy research (Ancestry Library Edition, Fold 3, My Heritage Library Edition)



Bay City Times Database 1889-1945-Computers

Bay City (1857-2018)-Microfilm

Pinconning (1906-2010)-Microfilm

Bangor (1960-Jun, 1964)-Microfilm



Bay City (1922-1996) Bay County (1997-2019)



Bay City Directories 1866-67 to 1996. (Early years include separate listings for the Villages of Salzburg, Wenona and Banks, which became West Bay City in 1877 and merged with Bay City in 1906)



Bay County Death Index by Name 1914-2009

Bay County Deaths 1867-1874

Bay County Deaths 1871-1880

Bay County Deaths 1881-1886

Bay County Deaths 1887-1891

Bay County Death Certificates 1897-1920 (not a complete collection)

Bay County Every Name Death Records Index 1867-1892 (Part of 1893)

Hyatt-Ewald Funeral Home Records 1876-2007



Bay County Marriage Index by Bride    1857-2007

Bay County Marriage Index by Groom 1857-2007

Bay County Marriage Transcriptions     1857-1920

Bay County Marriage Transcriptions     1923-1926

Bay County Marriage Transcriptions     1928-1932



Bay County Birth Record Transcriptions 1868-1878



All of the materials listed on the Publications Page, which includes Cemetery and Obituary Indexes

Obituaries-Bay County Civil War Veterans

Obituary index: 1938-June 1950, 1976-Apr 1992 (Card file).

Records from other Counties, States, and Countries-Books

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From Bay City Times (15 July 1920)

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