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Bay County Genealogical Society of Michigan

The Society strives to promote genealogy and educate persons interested in genealogy, with a focus on Bay County, Michigan.


It encourages the sharing of Bay County genealogy information and resources and helping others with their Bay County based families and ancestors, both past and current.

Members have read headstones from Bay County's rural cemeteries, collected interment information from Bay County cemeteries, transcribed birth, marriage, and death records from the Bay County Clerk's office, and indexed obituaries from the Bay City Times.  All of this data is available at the Wirt Library.

Upcoming Meeting Presentations

February 9, 2022-Judy Muhn (What's In a Name-Clues to Ethnicity & Spelling Variations)

March 9, 2022-Dan Fantore (Our People Were Farmers-Farming in Michigan, Background,

                                                and Resources)

April 13, 2022-Lisa Louise Cook (You Tube Video) (1950 Census for Genealogy)

Delegate News

January 13, 2022


(1) Each new year one more year of Death Certificates is added to the Death Certificates on

     Michiganology.org.  This year 1946 is now available.


(2) The Barbara Brown Seminar will be held July 8-9, 2022.  Details to come later.

New Research Item

Marriage Records Index has been updated to include 1920-1921 and 1923-1928.

All site visitors can view the index in the Research tab.

More years are being worked on.

These transcribed marriage record years are available for viewing by Current Society members and are located in Digital Files/Current BCGS Members/Bay Co.

Marriage Records: 1916-1917, 1919-1921, 1923-1928, 1930-1933.

A listing of items located in the Bay County Genealogical Society's Private Library can be accessed by clicking on the link, "Click here", in the Query section. 


Bay City City Hall
completed 1897